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Give your visitors access to thousands of legal resources, improve the SEO performance of your website by linking to high-quality information, and get your law firm listed in the world's first peer-to-peer lawyer directory with precision geo-competitor filtering.

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Developed by Attorney Website Professionals Who Understand What Lawyers Need.

Some people spend their free time on hobbies and relaxation. The developers of Lawyer Plugin are different. At night and over the weekend, they curl up with spreadsheets and website statistics. Nothing ends a good day like data on how users behave on your law firm’s website. Where do they enter, what do they do, how long do they stay on each page, and how do users behave before filling out a contact form? We know.

Knowing what lawyers need comes down to knowing what their target clientèle needs. For more than 8 years we have monitored the behavior of millions of visitors browsing the websites of lawyers in various practice areas all over America. Is that creepy? You bet! But we learned that visitors that access information and resources first are more likely to convert to a lead than visitors that just read one page. Law firms have to have that information and resources available. Lawyer Plugin is what lawyers need because resources are what their future clients need.

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